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Rez Gray's Project Documentation

Welcome to Rez Gray's SL Projects Domain. He is no longer bothering with individual websites or domains. Everything is right here on the sidebar.

Who is Rez Gray

Just some avatar in SecondLife that has made, sold off, and is still developing projects in the name of channeling his autism. After many years, many websites, etc, etc, he's now down to one web project domain that a lot of projects point to and would be a mess to untangle. Blackcoat Imports is a 'private lable virtual content' provider that probably had a hand in a lot of SL products you know and use, but don't have our names on them.

You might know Rez from...

  • GridTalkie, a gridwide chat system. Sold in 2020.
  • Get The Freight Out!, a cargo hauling game, sold sometime around 2018.
  • the 'hmm' talking cube, a thing that is still going after a decade that people notice when it stops working.

Contact Rez Gray

Messages sent to Rez Gray inworld are unreliable.

Email rez@blackcoatimports.com

Please Include

  • Your SL name and app/venue
  • The time and location of the issue.
  • Any error messages or a description of the problem.
  • Links to screenshots, recordings, etc.
  • We cannot reliably respond to the following

Keeping The Lights On

This is sort of satirical, but after the fifth incident of people throwing 'rare' horses at Rez instead of doing the legwork to auction them....

Server upkeep costs money. Rez has tier to pay for. His meatspace alt and his cats need food. But sometimes linden dollars are expensive to handle, or you want to barter. That's understandable. After a few incidents where end users tried to exchange invalid items for services or products, this needs to be said.

Rez Accepts:

Please do not offer:

  • First-born (or any) children of any kind.
  • Pictures of spiders
  • Actually JPEG images of Starships
  • Breedables of any kind.
  • Fish from other games.
  • Retail Space in your Venue
  • Products you make, unless negotiated.
  • Cryptocurrency, NFTs, etc.
  • Our own game currencies.
  • IP rights to your totally ‘original game concept’.