User Manual

We're still working on all of this

Quick Start

  1. Wear the included HUD and ROD
  2. Click the pretty much anything on the main view to see your baits
  3. Select a bait. (doesn’t much matter right now)
  4. Click ‘cast line’, watch the little bobber dance for a minute.
  5. You’ll automatically catch a fish OR lose a fish.
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 until bored.

Go to a Market Stall (see included landmarks or this site for links) to redeem your catch and buy more baits!

The Inventory Screen

On the Main screen, you see buttons marked Tackle, Bucket, and Trash. These will take you to the Inventory screen. The screen has the same category selectors at the top, an set of Page buttons, your B$ balance, and six inventory items.

For the Tacklebox, you can double click the tackle item and attach it to your hook..

Biomes and Species

Most of the SecondLife Mainland is ‘Coastal’ and the biome defaults as such. Some areas that are notably ‘foresty’ will have a Rivers and Lakes biome.

Baitcoin (B$)

Baitcoin, or ‘B$’ is a in-game currency for buying consumables, unlocking things such as rod skins, upgrading items, or exclusive tangible items (TBD). It cannot be bought with Linden Dollars. It cannot be converted to Linden Dollars or any other currency.