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Mapping Project Main Office, Oculea SL Marketplace Mapping Project Discord

The General Idea

Rez Gray (of GTFO, GridTalkie, Hmm, and other things) really, really needs a mainland map that can point to multiple locations at once for his gridal domination initiatives. As a side-effect of this, he now has a dynamic map hud that can display lots of mainland areas, with multiple points of interest.

It looks something like this:

-- Rez, Insert Picture Here --


  • Multiple, curated maps showing the mainlands, updated and expanded regularly.
  • Nifty overlay graphics with land borders, roads and routes.
  • Updated world map images compiled every month or so as mainland changes, Belliseria swells, and and more sims get added.
  • Locate hundreds of destinations such as Rez Zones, Road, Rail, Water, Air and Space locations all over the mainland, then visit them!
  • If you’re actually in the area of the selected map, you get a little marker to indicate your position.
  • Comes in a HUD and Wall Display version, with expanded functions and versions coming soonish.
  • Curated Maps and Overlays
  • The Curated Maps Wall
  • Mapping Office Curated Maps Wall

We are expanding and processing new maps as we go. Here we have the current maps as of July, 22nd, 2023. We will be adding the residential and other sims as we get time.

-- Rez, Insert Picture Here --

Examples of Border, Road overlays made by Ifrit Skytower, who also contributed over 90% of the Points Of Interest to date.

Compiling Images

With the help of ChatGPT, Rez cobbled together a few python scripts to pull the raw AWS bucket images and compile them into gigantic map images. Then another script will rescale, brighten, and chop the images into a set of various resolutions ( 1, 4, 16 images), then he uploads them (21 per map), and plops them into box with a script to sort and push the textures to the backend server.

Current Running and Sunk Costs

  • Servers (~$USD35/mo + $USD80/yr SSL)
  • Premium Plus for hundred of uploads. $USD ~20/mo
  • Mapping Office Tier $LOTS
  • Rez’s Coding: Priceless, Incalculable Man-Hours!
  • Ifrit’s Surveying, Mesh Panes, Custom Images: A hefty cut of map sales.
  • Blood: None yet.
  • Sweat: A lot.
  • Tears: Buckets.